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  • Parker -- Urban Premium Roller Ball


    1892653 / 1892649 / 1774702 

    Finish : Urban Premium Mandarin Yellow GT / Urban Premium Penmen Blue / Urban Premium Metallic White Chiselled CT  

    Ink Color : Black Ink

    Trims Metal : Shiny golden finish / Chrome 

    Material : Anodized aluminium, Lacquer

    Cap Material : Mandarin Yellow anodized aluminium / Penmen Blue anodized aluminium / Brass 

    Nib Metal : Stainless steel 

    The Finish : During one of his trips to the Orient in the 1920s. Parker became enamored by the beautiful yellow of an Asia's Cloisonne vase. This inspired him to use the striking hue in the emblematic Doufold line. The colour's re-imagining seen here in the Urban Premium Mandarin Yellow carries with it all the voyaging spirit of its predecessor on its burnished golden glow. 

    The Urban Penman Blue pays tribute to the runaway success of PARKER Sapphire Ink. The rich, grey-tinged pigment is in bold contrast with the modern aluminium barrel and cap of the new Urban Premium Penman Blue. 

    Pearly with metallic highlights enhanced with an asymmetric chiseled pattern that echoes Urban's ergonomic form 

    The Trim : Shiny golden finish / Chrome 

    The Nib : FreeInk technology, well-known for consistent, fluid lines and long-lasting colours.